9 Free VSTs That Are Actually Good

9 Free VSTs that are actually good: We all love free stuff, but unfortunately in the music world, free is rarely synonymous with quality. In fact, we usually have to spend quite a bit in order to get quality sounds and tools into our music production arsenal.  More often than not you get what you pay for, and while the price tag can hurt, it is usually worth it.  This is not to say there aren't cheaper or even free alternatives, actually there are almost endless numbers of cheaper and free alternatives; the problem is that they are rarely good. Do a quick search for free VSTs and you will find all sorts of plug ins that of do their job to a degree, but lack that professional luster we all long for.  With that said, if you dig deep enough you will find that there are indeed quite a few gems to be found. So lets do this! Here are 9 free VSTs that are actually good. I'll also share how I incorporate these tools into my beats so you can get an idea for how they work and weather or not they are worth your download.

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