Quantize or No Quantize (Groove Theory pt. 2)

Welcome yall to the second installment of the groove theory series where we explore ways to get more groove and bop from your tracks. If you haven’t checked it out already, you can read the first installment of the series here. Full disclaimer, this article may not be as useful to the advanced producers out there, but if you are a beginner, or maybe even intermediate, this article is worth a read. In the world of modern music making, you’ve most likely crossed paths with a process a process called quantization. You’ve also probably pondered the age old question, “to quantize or not to quantize?”. There is a lot of stigma surrounding this process. Some people think you should avoid quantization at all costs, while others utilize it to help add a certain character to to their groove. Others view it as a necessary step to help express themselves when their current musicianship doesn’t allow for it. No matter your preference or situation, quantization is a tool that when utilized with intention and control, can render powerful results. With my productions I prefer a hybrid approach and use quantization to not only achieve movement I couldn’t obtain otherwise, but also to speed up my creative process to strike while my inspiration is hot. I’ll be going over a few little tips and tricks that I like to use and hopefully offer some insight for your future beat makings. So lets jump in to the second topic of our groove theory series, quantization!

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