3 Creative Audio Post-Production Tricks to Elevate your Sound

Ever hit that point where all of your melodies and chords sound a little sterile and lifeless? Or maybe you feel like you just keep making the same track over and over again, or that your music doesn't sound unique enough? Either way, I think we have all been there, and while It's no quite writers block, it's still an inspirational dip. Well, this post is all about how to supercharge your music production with a few creative post production audio techniques that can help inject new life and movement into your next track.  What's so powerful about these methods is that they can work across every element of your track, whether that be drums, basslines, melodies, or even vocals. We will dive into the power of chopping things up, automating parameters, and even making your software come up with creative ideas for you. It's going to be a post packed with information so lets get this thing moving!

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