How To Use ASMR In Your Beats : (Groove Theory part 1)

Welcome to the first blog post of 2019! This is part one of a four part series that I’m calling, Groove Theory. Over the past year I’ve received a lot of questions from people regarding my production process, and by far the most common question goes something like… “how do you get your beats to swing?” or “how do I get my drums to sound human?”. In a time where music production is so accessible, I think a lot of us can find ourselves trapped in rigid grid structure of modern DAWs. Now this isn’t to say we shouldn’t celebrate the positives that DAW’s bring into our lives. For one, it offers a safety net for all of those misplaced and mistimed notes. It allows for us not so musically inclined individuals to prosper and create music. It also allows us to program and play things our fingers otherwise couldn’t. However, underneath all that lies a trait that can plague our beats if we let it… that’s right. you guessed it…. sterile, overly quantized, non human music. Now this isn’t to say quantized music is inferior or NOT human. In fact I believe the opposite. Music should be whatever fits the mood, but sometimes you want things to swing. If you are sticking to the grid, or playing parts live and then hitting full quantize, your going to have some rigid beats. And I know what you might be thinking…. “but trap beats are on the grid and they are dope???!!!!” While this is true to some degree, trust me when I say, the producers who are really making the fly trap instrumentals are sprinkling in little tricks that add subtle nuance. This nuance translates into that oh so coveted human feel. With that said, the question may arise: How does one make their drums and beats swing and groove? Well over the next few weeks we are going to explore a few methods to do just that. Some will be obvious and some not so obvious but hopefully beginner and more advanced producers a like will find some nuggets of info that worth implementing. So with out further adieu, lets get into our first groove theory topic, How to use ASMR, and other textures to create groove.

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