Lightfoot's Wave Pack vol. 1


Lightfoot's Wave Pack vol. 1

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Lightfoot's Wave Pack is 126 custom made and recorded drums, one shots, loops and midi ready to add to your music production aresenal.  Whether you are looking for drum sounds or just need some inspiration to get your music juices flowing, the Wave Pack has you covered. Enjoy this hip-hop, future beat, and lo-fi inspired drum kit sample pack by Lightfoot.

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The Wave Pack vol. 1 is 126 royalty free drums, one shots, chords/melody loops, and MIDI files. Add these to your sample library for guaranteed  waves on your next session.  

What you will find inside:

Contents include:

20 Kicks

17 Snares

9 Percussion one-shots

16 Percussion Loops

18 Synth one-shots

31 Chords and Melody Loops

15 Midi Loops


Example track:

Watch the incredible beatsmith, The Phronetic get busy with some Wave Pack sounds!




  1. Do I have to give you credit when I use these sounds?

No! This entire pack is roylaty free. Feel free to use this in any production, and there is no need to credit me. Indepenet release, major label release, commercial release, etc… all royalty free so you can just enjoy these sounds and not worry about any legality issues. We have enough to worry as musicians!


  1. How do i use the loops

Every loop has bpm information on the file name so depending on what software you are using, and how it operattes, just make sure the program recognizes the file as the same bpm listed on the file. Feel free to drop the whole loop in your project, or just chop it up and get weird with it. Have fun! Use these as idea starters or whole songs. It’s up to you!  For a majority of these loops you will also find coresponding MIDI files, so if you like a few of the chords, but don’t like the key, or feel like you want to change voicings or inversions, then go to the MIDI folder, select the MIDI file and customize!


  1. How do I use the MIDI files

This depends on your software, but just add these files to an midi track or instrument track and your DAW and you are good to go! Leave them as is, or invert the chords for different colors, add or remove notes for unique voicings, transpose to explore different keys, move the chords around to make different progressions, add more chords in between to make more complex progressions, etc etc.